Women in Texas to advocate for the TVPRA

Women of Vision has rallied support for the re-authorization of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPRA) from  California to North Carolina.  Our goal is to go state by state until the TVPRA passes in the Senate.  We are going to start in the middle with Texas!

Texas, can you do it?

We think you can!  If a Texas Senator became a co-sponsor of the Trafficking Victims Protection Re-authorization Act (TVPRA) it would be a huge victory in the journey to having this bill passed.  We know that Women of Vision in Texas have the voices to make this happen.  Commit to calling at least a few times a week to make this happen!

Here is a call script:

Hello, My name is ________ and I am calling from ________.  I would like to ask Senator Cornyn / Senator Bailey to co-sponsor the TVPRA (S.1301).

Do you know the Senator’s position on human trafficking?  I would like someone from your office to follow up with me with the Senator’s response. Thank you.  

Here is how you contact them:

Let’s go Texas!

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