While the World Waits, We Won’t

There’s something in every woman that objects to injustice. But when she sees it happening to the most vulnerable, there’s an innate quality in her that rises against it even more fervently.

World Vision’s Women of Vision is a movement of women intolerant of injustice. With a heart to see justice restored to the afflicted and oppressed, we’re committed to defending and equipping those who are unable to defend themselves. Despite extensive world reaction, injustice continues to exist. So while the world waits, we won’t.

Our vision is to break the cycle of injustice and give back that which has been stolen: a future and a hope, one that sees the rightful inheritance of every mother and child restored today and for generations to come – just as God has always purposed for their lives.

Discover more about restoring the lives of oppressed women and children through Women of Vision.

Photo: ©2009 World Vision

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  1. Gayle says:

    This is excellent! Very powerful explanation of what Women of Vision stand for. Makes me want to work even harder-thank you

  2. Beth Happick says:

    “While the world waits, we won’t”….This is why we serve our God with WOV!!

  3. Judy says:

    I love your philosophy. It makes motivated to make a change

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