VisionFund: A Decade of Impact

It’s been ten years since World Vision set up VisionFund to manage its affiliated network of microfinance institutions (MFIs). VisionFund shares the same vision as World Vision, and its microfinance services have provided hundreds of thousands of women and men with the means to grow a business and earn a reliable income to support their families. Since its inception, VisionFund has:

  • dispersed 6.6 million loans
  • loaned around US$ 3.5 billion
  • impacted the lives of millions of children

Showcasing success
Throughout 2013, VisionFund is celebrating its ten year milestone by highlighting the stories of ten clients who took out loans in 2003 when VisionFund was first set up. A new story will be highlighted each month on VisionFund’s website page.

About VisionFund
By providing small loans and other financial services, VisionFund helps people turn their ideas into small businesses to support their families. As well as providing financial services, they also give trusted advice and share their know how to help clients succeed in building sustainable enterprises.

With an average loan of just $300, the income clients generate can make them financially self-sufficient to provide a better life for their families. This means fewer children in poverty and more children growing up in healthier and safer communities.

Today, VisionFund operates its microfinance institutions in 36 countries across Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean, working in World Vision communities and contributing to child well-being aspirations by providing parents with the means to send their children to school, pay for medication and eat better food.

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