Unfinished: Step into Life that is Truly Life

unfinishedJesus used parable for the same reason Rich Stearns uses brilliant metaphor in his newest book Unfinished: Believing Is Only The Beginning. His words paint a three-dimensional picture that entices us to reach out and tangibly take hold of the Kingdom of God. We were created and equipped to join the multi-millennial revolution to “topple prevailing regimes that have oppressed the human race since the fall.” If we don’t take part, if we don’t join, there is much to lose — a world of precious children and indeed our own true selves.

God calls us to proclaim good news to the poor, bind up the brokenhearted, and proclaim freedom for the captives. Why have many of us lost our sense of urgency in this? How do we get it back?

In Unfinished, Rich walks us through the meaning of life (yes, that’s ambitious!), the history of what God has done to date (again, ambitious), the obstacles that stand in our way (aka the lies we buy into), and the on-ramps (as unique as you and I) to the greatest adventure of our lives.

Unfinished invites us out of the shadows and into the life that is truly life.

Sandy Grubb joined the Columbia-Willamette Chapter of Women of Vision in 1999. She has held a leadership role with them for 14 years and traveled on nine vision trips. In January 2013 she began serving on the Board of World Vision, U.S. Sandy lives in Vancouver, WA. She and her husband Jeff have three sons and one daughter-in-law.

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