Unfinished: Calling us to wake up our faith

unfinishedDo we have the willpower to obey what God is asking us to do? Rich Stearns’ new book, Unfinished: Believing Is Only the Beginning, prompts that very response. He states:

“But 2,000 years later, the Christian movement, especially in the global north, has lost its sense of urgency. We’ve lost a sense of the plot and the big story—the arc of history. Affluent, comfortable, and distracted, Christians today seem to have lost the fire to change the world. The work of God’s kingdom lies unfinished, and God’s people seem to have lost their very sense of purpose in the world.”

We want to know our lives matter and that we’re living out God’s purpose for our lives. But, how do we reinvigorate our faith with the passion to change the world? Have we really taken up our cross and followed Jesus in obedience? Are we zealous for Christ and His kingdom? We long to serve God in relevant, radical ways… but how?

This book challenged me: It’s only when I say yes to Jesus’ invitation to change the world that I discover the real purpose for my life. He reminded me that patience and faithfulness are the keys to discovering my calling. And when I am available and faithful to Him, then I can trust God with the outcome of my life.

Read an excerpt from Unfinished: Believing Is Only The Beginning.

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