Two kids change the mind of Congress, with pencil, paper and crayons

esty thxMy kids, ages 7 and 9 now, don’t really watch VeggieTales anymore, but there are still a few of the animated Bible Stories that can get their attention. Josh and the Big Wall is one of them. Perhaps it is the peas with the French accent or the catchy tune that keeps them entertained. Perhaps it is just the amazing story of Joshua itself, though in Vegetable form!

I have always loved the story of Joshua, and just how crazy it is. I mean, seriously! God told them to just walk around the wall and blow their horns. That is more than a little out there – even for God’s mysterious ways! I also love that the angel had to tell Josh, the big hero that we all look up to, that he didn’t need to be afraid repeatedly.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

What a reminder to us all of God’s patience in our fears and unbelief, as well as the REASON we don’t need to be afraid. “…for the Lord your God will be with you…” He is our reason to try big or small crazy things – just because He is with us.

A couple of weeks ago, my children saw some walls come tumbling down. Though they weren’t walls of stone, they were barriers that felt just as tangible. We received an encouraging email from the office of Representative Esty in our state of Connecticut that stated that a year and a half ago, when my children sent letters and then went to her office advocating for the TVPRA trafficking bill, that they caught her attention. Early in her term of office, it was the voice of a couple of kids (who wanted to be voices for kids around the world in slavery) that started her on the journey of co-sponsoring that bill – a bill that recently passed. Representative Esty’s media release can be found here.

My kids somehow aren’t surprised by all this. They don’t quite get how rare it is to have so directly affected someone in office and yet, somehow it is them not being surprised that I marvel at. They aren’t that surprised because they know God cares for trafficked victims and that He hates injustice. They aren’t surprised because they don’t feel that they did much of anything at all and that God did the rest. Very much like Joshua, our whole family feels like all we did was blow a horn (or in our case maybe even a tiny dog whistle) and yet God tore down the wall, receiving all praise to His power. Yet, He still asks us to be willing to walk around the wall and blow the horn.

I am more and more amazed by the power of a voice – and more encouraged than ever by the power of many voices together. We can move mountains as we move continue to blow our horns, advocating against trafficking and other global issues because we are loud together, but much more so, “for the Lord our God will be with us.”

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  1. Annie says:

    Anna–Your family is inspiring and your passion and drive are amazing. Miss you, love you guys!

  2. valetia says:

    What a wonderful example of a real Christian life!

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