Transformational Work In the Horn Of Africa

Layla, only 24 years old, a mother of five and pregnant with a sixth, fled to Garowe, Somalia all the way from Mogadishu -- almost a 621 mile trip -- just three months ago. Her youngest child, 18-month-old Zam Zam, arrived severely malnourished.

Media coverage regarding the devastating drought, and subsequent famine in the Horn of Africa is necessary, but often hard to watch. At times the images can be paralyzing and we may choose to turn away. It is important to remember that we can make a difference.  Edward Everett Hale once said, “I am only one, but I am one.  I cannot do everything, but I can do something.  And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.”

We are grateful to those who stand up and do what they can. These photos tell the story of one mother and child who were helped because of those who did what they could. See the difference only two weeks can make in the life of a child, when someone says yes to what they can do.

Local World Vision staff met Layla amidst thousands of displaced people a few weeks ago and have helped her begin Zam Zam’s recovery to health, providing sachets of nutritious Plumpy’nut, which World Vision uses worldwide to combat acute child malnutrition. The photos were taken only two weeks apart. The difference is startling.

Please join us in responding to the need in Africa. You can make a donation for food for the Horn of Africa here. 

One of the most important things we can do is stand together in prayer for the people and lands affected by the drought and famine.  We encourage you to join us to:

Pray for an end to the drought.

Dear Father, send rains to the Horn of Africa, just the right amount at just the right time. And help us treasure our own bountiful natural resources.

Pray for affected families.

Lord, pour out Your grace on hungry families, especially parents straining to feed their children despite dwindling resources.

Pray for malnourished children.

Dear Father, please protect and sustain Your precious children who do not have enough to eat, and equip us to help them in ways that give them a brighter future.

Pray for internally displaced people and refugees.

God of all comfort, please help families so desperate for relief from hunger and drought that they’ve left their homes. Guide and strengthen the aid workers in the large camps where many of the hungry have gathered.

Pray for the delivery of aid.

Father, thank You, for moving in people’s hearts to provide life-saving food aid. Give those who are delivering it discernment to deal with obstacles and help the shipments arrive quickly.

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