The U.N. Puts Women and Girls at Center of Conversation

From The Huffington Post, 9/22/11: “The oppression of women and girls used to be a fringe issue. This week at the U.N., the 60-year-old institution has taken the health and human rights of women and girls to the center of the conversation.

In many people’s minds, the U.N. is a peacekeeping entity. While this of course is one of its missions, the other is global development. Aka, How can we bring greater equity amongst people in the world?

The good news is that it’s no mystery anymore to the development community that investing in women and girls is the best way to alleviate global poverty. In fact, investing in a girl’s education is the highest return investment available in the developing world.

Think about it: When you educate a girl, she stays healthy, she gets married later, she gets a job or starts a business, and she then earns a solid income and provides for her family’s health and education. In other words, she has the opportunity to raise the standard of living for herself and her family. This is called The Girl Effect…”

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