The Man of Peace Wears a Skirt

Women in India, from Flickr.

Women in India, from Flickr.

Today we bring you a word from Marilee Pierce Dunker, World Vision Advocate who shares her encouragement regarding women in the church. Marilee will be hosting another Women of Vision prayer conference call in mid-January. Stay tuned to this site for details!

I first met Steve Roe in 2009 when I was asked to speak at The Grove Church in Riverside, CA. Steve was instrumental in bringing Step Into Africa to the church and seeing over 800 children sponsored. Today Steve is the Director of Strategic Partnerships for the US Center For World Missions in Pasadena, CA. On a recent trip to India to study the Indigenous House Church Movement, he discovered something extraordinary. The church in India is predominantly women and is growing rapidly, not by traditional methods, but by what Steve calls the “Gossip Gospel”. Read more about the amazing way God is using women to build His church in this traditionally male dominated area of the world!

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