The kingdom of God is a matter of power

Phameria Umsong and her daughter, Bilsina Umsong, stand among tea plants in India. Photo: © 2012 Jon Warren/World Vision

Phameria Umsong and her daughter, Bilsina Umsong, stand among tea plants in India.
Photo: © 2012 Jon Warren/World Vision

What would you be able to do if you had no fear?

This is a relevant question for leaders. The challenge for leaders nowadays is to be able to deal with uncertainty. All of us have been and still are in situations that require quick, accurate decisions. We are fully aware that such decisions entail consequences either for the good or for the not so good. That is why at a certain moment we may hesitate and wonder what to do. We may fear.

In fact the only certainty today is that there will be change, yet the most hazardous thing to do is not change. We all are currently working in challenging contexts and as such, there are only two options: either we desist or we resist.

However, we have not been called by God to give up.

We have been called to act despite our fears, like Moses when he stretched out his hand over the sea and the waters were divided or when he hit the rock and the water came out of it to his own astonishment. Moses experienced for himself the very power of God, beyond what people had said about his Lord.

God knows that sometimes we are faint-hearted. Sometimes it is less fearful to talk than to act. That is probably why the appeal or admonition “do not fear” is quoted 366 times in the Bible. Maybe we need to be reminded of this every single day of the year. Maybe we need to recall that God himself has full power. He is ready to make our ministry successful, no matter our fears. God calls us to act, dispels our fears and protects our hope.

Therefore we can be confident that “… the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power” (1 Corinthians 4:20). If we believe this deep inside ourselves, we will be able to see God’s promise accomplished for his people: “Every place where you set your foot will be yours” (Deuteronomy 11:24).

By Marisa García-Tablado, chief executive officer – World Vision Spain

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  1. Hilda Kernc says:

    I just came to Library so I can work, preparing for an event coming up for women of vision on this coming Sunday. But I decided to read this before I start. Wonderful timing, I needed it every word!!! God is good. Thanks for sharing and posting. I will forward this to some friends that I know it is going to be a blessing. Thanks again. blessings.

  2. nosipho mthethwa says:

    God works in mysterious ways, so glad to have come across this post

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