The Impact of the "Skipping Stones"

CNN Films: Girl Rising Azmera Portrait. Photo by Alex Dionne.Girls can make a difference. Twelve sixth grade students of Eastside Christian school in Bellevue, WA decided to go silent for 30 hours to raise money to combat child trafficking around the world.

Calling themselves the “Skipping Stones” these girls raised over $5,000 for World Vision’s trafficking efforts – more than ten times their goal of $500. They decided to name their group “Skipping Stones” as the roundness of a stone represents the group working together as a team and the ripple the stone makes represents the wave of change they hope to make.

The passion of these young girls cannot be contained, a fact that CNN hopes to draw on when it brings the film Girl Rising to homes across the US on June 16.

Girl Rising spotlights the stories of unforgettable girls around the world, striving beyond circumstance and overcoming impossible odds to achieve their dreams of education. The CNN version of the film will feature World Vision-sponsored girl, Azmera from Ethiopia.

This global movement to educate girls and change the world has happened in Bellevue. As the “Skipping Stones” are planning their next event, these girls are impacting their families, their community and beyond with their efforts.

Watch the worldwide television premiere of Girl Rising, airing on CNN June 16 at 9 p.m. ET.

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