The G(irls) 20 Summit

925 million around the world are hungry- that is one in seven. One in four people are undernourished, not receiving the amount of nutrients they need for energy, to work, learn or develop. Every 12 seconds, a child dies from lack of food. These statistics are heartbreaking, but in no way are they the final word. Join us this week on the Women of Vision blog for a special “Women and Hunger” week as we learn more about hunger, how it affects women and what is being done to make positive change.

There are 3.5 billion women in the world and therefore, 3.5 billion ways to change the world.

This is the belief of the G(irls) 20 summit.   The G(irls)20 Summit brings together one delegate from each G20 country, plus a representative from the European Union and the African Union. The delegates debate, discuss and design innovative ideas necessary to empower girls and women globally and present these to G20 Leaders.  At the end of the summit each girl returns to their country with a plan for change.

Today is the last day of the 2012 G(irls) 20 Summit, taking place in Mexico City as a prelude to the G20 next month.  The focus is Global Food Security and during the past 6 days, these girls have been developing projects to be implemented in their countries with the goal of reducing hunger.

You can read the bios of these young girls set to change the world and check for updates on the summit work.

Read more about the G(irls) 20 Summit and its background here.

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