The Joy of a Successful Birth in Ethiopia

Alemitu Mathewos and her son Tesakalign Photo: ©2014 Aklilu Kassaye/World Vision

Alemitu Mathewos and her son Tesakalign
Photo: ©2014 Aklilu Kassaye/World Vision

In the Kacha Bir District of Ethiopia, 90% of pregnant mothers deliver their children at home in the hands of unskilled birth attendants. They face severe bleeding, uterine prolapses, still birth, fistulas and anemia.

Alemitt Mathewos, age 25, was one of these victims. She was in labor with her first child for a day and a half. When they baby would not come out, the attendant used a sharp blade to enlarge the birth outlet and pulled the child out. It was stillborn. And the sharp blade used to cut her exposed her to severe bleeding and infection. This unfortunate and painful process was repeated for Alemitt’s next two pregnancies, all of which were unsuccessful. She began receiving the stigma of the woman who couldn’t give birth to live babies.

World Vision and the local government began providing awareness of institutional deliveries and trained workers on advanced delivery. In Alemitu’s fourth pregnancy she delivered a healthy baby boy through C-section. His name is Teskalign, which means “I am successful.”

Says Alemitu, “I love him so much. He made me forget my grief. When he grows up, I will tell him my story of pregnancy and convince him to be a medical doctor to help those that may suffer from birth like I used to. Thanks to World Vision and our local health extension worker, my dream of having a live child has come true.”

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