Stepping Out From Behind The Desk

Photo: Laurel Mullikin

Photo: Laurel Mullikin

Each day the Women of Vision Helpdesk serves Women of Vision partners and chapters across the United States. We are always inspired by the incredible work that our partners put into advocating for children in need around the world. When the opportunity to captain a screening of Girl Rising became available, we knew this would be a perfect opportunity for us to step out from behind-the-scenes and share why education for girls is so important within our own circles of influence.

It was easy for us to arrange our screening. In fact, Gathr and 10×10 did most of the work for us! Once our screening was scheduled, we were provided with a link to share so that tickets could be purchased online. We didn’t have to make any arrangements with the movie theater to reserve a screen or handle any ticket purchase issues on our own.

For our screening to happen, we needed to sell 100 tickets. At first the number of tickets we needed to sell seemed like a huge commitment, but we were determined to give it our best shot. We sent out emails and used social media to promote our event. We also encouraged people who we knew would be attending to spread the word within their own sphere of influence. It is difficult to describe how excited were when we sold our 100th ticket. We were even more amazed when we ended nearly doubling our original ticket sale goal.

About a week before our screening, we contacted the manager at the movie theater where our event was held to let them know that we would like to be able to give a short speech before and after the film. The staff at the theater was incredibly accommodating and even provided us a table that we could use to display brochures and resources for people who were interested in learning more about how they could help advocate for girls.

Hosting a screening not only gave us an opportunity to educate ourselves about how an educated girl can make a difference in the world, but it allowed us to share this knowledge with friends, family, and even people we had never met. The event was truly a leap of faith for us, and we were amazed at the response we received. We had no idea how many people would be willing to take the time to learn about the importance of educating girls and its impact on the world.
It was so much fun to host our own Girl Rising screening. If you feel called to do something more to advocate for those in need around the world, consider hosting your own screening of Girl Rising.

by Laurel Mullikin, WOV Helpdesk

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