She Laughs Without Fear of the Future

Photo: ©2012 Annila Harris/World Vision

Photo: ©2012 Annila Harris/World Vision

By Cindy McGill

“She is clothed with strength and dignity,
and she laughs without fear of the future.” ~Proverbs 31:25

I love this verse! Oh how Satan wants us to fear the future! If we fear the future then we don’t step out in faith and do the work God is asking us to do… we are then no threat to Satan! We instead become his tools to use rather than God’s… we become complacent Christians who are clearly not living the life that Jesus showed us how to live in the Bible!

So many times Jesus faced circumstances that could have filled him with fear and kept him from doing his Father’s work but he knew the power of the one who was sending him! He knew the creator of all things, the creator of the fallen angel Satan himself! He had no reason to fear!! He didn’t even fear death on the cross because he knew he was doing what God asked of him and he knew God would use that death for a greater good.

The only thing Jesus ever feared, if you can call it that, was fear of separation from God while on the cross… he who had no sin took on our sin at the cross so he could pay the penalty that we owed (eternal death). Sin separates us from the presence of the holy God so as Jesus bore our sin for us on the cross he was separated from God… the only time he was separated from God since the time of creation itself! He feared that separation, not death.

Oh if we feared separation from God more than death, just as our role model Jesus did, what a different life we would lead!! We would laugh without fear of the future! This doesn’t mean life will always be fun, that you’ll feel like laughing all the time, that you won’t face hardship, in fact hardship is a guarantee. What it means is that you know you are not alone as you face life, the fun and the not so fun…that the almighty God goes before you, walks next to you and watches out from behind you…whom shall you fear with that kind of care?

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