SHARE a prayer: The Holy Land is in Need of Jesus

Landscape of the West Bank. Photo: World Vision

Landscape of the West Bank.
Photo: World Vision

by Mae Elise Cannon, Senior Director of Advocacy & Outreach – Middle East for World Vision USA

I’ve had the pleasure of leading numerous pilgrimages to the Holy Land with World Vision. I’ve brought friends, religious leaders, activists, artists; young, and old. Without fail, I find my fellow sojourners reach a point of crisis when the significance of encountering the birthplace of our faith and heritage comes crashing into the realities of ongoing violence, poverty, and injustice.

It’s important to me, as well as to World Vision, that we encounter not just the Holy Sites, but also the Living Stones—the people. Israeli Messianic followers of Jesus and Palestinian Christians are in this Holy Land, and many are in tremendous pain.

Israeli Jewish believers in Jesus, still bearing the scars of the holocaust, wonder when their people will once again face annihilation, and who they can trust.

Palestinian Christians wonder when they will be accepted and treated as a neighbor or brother and sister in Christ, rather than a terrorist threat.

The ideas we hold, the beliefs we have, and the teachings of Christ are deeply tied to the Holy Land. It’s painful to see the disparity. When we encounter these living stones, we see the land of our Savior desperately in need of Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

While much of the world has given up on a resolution to this conflict, we know that we are not afforded this privilege as Christians. As ministers of reconciliation and the body of Christ, we are called to enter into this complex and volatile conflict and defend the hope that lies in us and our brothers and sisters in Christ. I believe it’s time for the American Christian church to cry out for a future that is genuinely pro-Israeli, pro-Palestinian, pro-peace, pro-justice, and ultimately pro-Jesus.

Join us on December 16, 2013 at 2:00pm PT/5:00pm ET to learn more about Christians in the Holy Land and join us in prayer for the Holy Land through the Prayers for Peace initiative.

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