Saudi Arabia To Allow Women To Vote

Photo Credit : Reuters

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, recently passed a law that allows women to run for local office and serve on his advisory board. This is big news, and controversial, in a nation where women are still barred from driving.

The jury is still out on what this really means for women in Saudi Arabia.  In one camp are those who think that this may be the beginning for more reform for women, and in the other those who express concern that this law results in “diversions that did little to change the plight of women in a country where they can be flogged for adultery and cannot travel abroad without the permission of a male guardian.”

According to an article published in the Los Angeles Times, Saudi Arabia To Allow Women To Vote, “The change will not alter the Saudi power structure. Municipal councils have little authority and only half their members are elected. The Shura Council, a body akin to a parliament but with no legislative power, advises the king on economic, social and international affairs. But liberals and activists believe that even a little nudge forward in the kingdom is significant.”

Keep the women of Saudi Arabia in prayer, that God will use this new right to vote to make way for them to receive other rights that will improve their quality of life, and that of their families.

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