Rich Stearns: Solving poverty is rocket science

Photo: ©2013 Daniel Mung/World Vision

Photo: ©2013 Daniel Mung/World Vision

On July 8, Christianity Today published an article by WVUS President Rich Stearns titled: “Solving Poverty is Rocket Science.” In the piece, Rich provides examples of how solving poverty is a complex puzzle tangled in numerous challenges. Also, he puts forth that Christians are some of the most generous people in our society, and that in being generous, “we also need to help in the right way” adding that “in the complex system of poverty, well meaning efforts can have unforeseen and unintended consequences in another area.”

Rich gives four principles that are “critical for the church to get this right.” They are:

1. Poverty goes beyond material things.
2. Sustainable solutions require community ownership.
3. We may need to bring in the experts.
4. Change doesn’t happen overnight.

Read the entire article “Solving Poverty is Rocket Science.”

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