Prayers for the Sierra Leone Vision Trip

Women in Sierra Leone. Photo: © 2012 Jonathan Bundu/World Vision

Women in Sierra Leone.
Photo: © 2012 Jonathan Bundu/World Vision

Twelve World Vision travelers are on their way to Sierra Leone to visit World Vision’s brand new program area, where we are working to help moms and preschoolers not only live, but thrive.

Ranked 180th out of 182 countries on the Human Development Index, Sierra Leone is one of the world’s poorest countries. More than 70 percent of the population lives below the poverty line. The World Food Program estimates that about 40 percent of children under the age of 5 suffer from chronic malnourishment. In the Pejeh-Sowa community, there are more than 9,000 women of childbearing age and more than 7,200 acutely malnourished preschoolers.

Through the Strong Women, Strong World initiative, World Vision is addressing the underlying causes of poor health from a holistic standpoint—building sustainable, community-led healthcare systems, while at the same time building up women and empowering them to take charge of their health.

While in Sierra Leone, the travelers will have an opportunity to visit the mothers and children whose lives are being improved as World Vision focuses on deploying community healthcare workers, establishing nutrition programs, and inspiring behavior change that will make it possible for women and children to keep themselves healthy for a lifetime. They will even have an opportunity to meet with the First Lady of Sierra Leone!

We asked the travelers to submit their prayer requests. Please join us in prayer this week:

– That despite the storm in the New York area that is forecast to begin Tuesday afternoon and continue through Tuesday evening bringing 6-10 inches of snow and dangerously cold temperatures that the travelers from Fairfield County would not be delayed and manage to make their connection to Freetown in London on Wednesday morning.
– That the travelers who have a very tight connection in Amsterdam make that, also on Wednesday morning.
– That the bags make it through at the same time as us!
– For the Blood of Jesus to cover us and protect us from danger. I would pray for amazing building of community and love within the group. I would ask for extra sensitivity in dealing with a foreign culture so unlike our own and for humility, patience and understanding.
– Please pray for each of us to be present in every moment of our journey so that we may better see how, with God’s help, we can lovingly share time with the people of Sierra Leone. May we learn from the people we meet and return home with a better understanding of how we can serve God.
– May God comfort those in Sierra Leone who have lost so much to the civil war. May He show them the strength of forgiveness.
– God please keep all of us safe during our travels. Protect our hearts and bodies so that we may return home to nurture our families with a new understanding of your love and our purpose here on earth.
– Please comfort our loved ones who will worry about us. Help them understand that through this journey we hope to serve you.
– Please also pray for the Klimley family who lost their precious 17 year old, Zoe, unexpectedly a few weeks ago. To have known Zoe means you know she is heaven. God please bless her family with comfort and mend their broken hearts.

And here are the travelers:

Cindy Breilh – World Vision staff and trip leader
From WOV Fairfield County:
Mariann Conlon
Karen Daugherty
Mika Frechette
Susan Garofoli
Shannon Peifer
Sally Polak
Debbie Reynolds
From WOV Chicago:
Tracy Mathews
From WOV Columbia-Willamette:
Jill Sherman
Other travelers:
Ginna Steele – winner of the World Vision/MOPS giveaway
Peter Isasa – videographer

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