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Women of Vision Leadership Gathering 2013. Photo: World Vision

Women of Vision Leadership Gathering 2013.
Photo: World Vision

“I will praise God’s name in song
    and glorify him with thanksgiving.” ~Psalm 69:30

Today let us approach God with a thankful heart for all He has done.

World Vision began a new fiscal year on October 1. Each year it is marked by a Day of Prayer during which we thank God for His faithfulness in the past and ask for His blessing to continue into the new year.

We have much for which to be thankful: Women of Vision chapters have met financial goals; the Leadership Gathering was a blessed time of training, sharing and learning; the passing of the TVPRA; stories of heart transformation and change within WOV partners; and representatives from the field of World Vision’s work reminding us of the good work that is being done.

We invite you to share your own prayer of thanksgiving today.

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  1. Mary Gleason says:

    I’m sharing the following update from Hilda Kernc, a Women of Vision partner and World Vision employee, whose family lives in Aleppo, Syria:

    We (my family and I) were very happy that after 20 days of not able to get in touch, my sister spoke with my cousin Rima last week. They are all doing fine, surrounded by the most vicious strange people, whose only aim is to kill. The only passage is in the hands in the rebels, and this passage is the only road to food, medicine and all life supplies. so they are under the mercy of these people. But in mid all this darkness, my cousin said that she believes, not only her but all my family, that prayers are working. I am writing this with tears thinking of our wonderful God who listens to prayers. She said, she can feel God’s power and peace like she never felt it before, God’s miracles is a daily thing in their lives and their hope is only in Him. She urged us to keep on praying. The situation is not only bad on Christians, but on moderate Muslims who lived with the Christians for decades with no problems. Some of my cousin’s Muslim neighbors are like one family. The killing, kidnapping, raping is a daily thing now and the norm. But I am overwhelmed and thankful that they are looking up to God and realize his hand and mercy. I am thankful to God that he is showing himself to them in the days of darkness. My 80 year old aunt, whom I love dearly, is hanging in there. No doctors, she sometimes out of medication, but God has been good to her. I am praying that I can see her one more time, give her a big hug, and listen to her funny stories, have coffee with her! sometimes I feel so terrified and sad that I might not see her again, not hold her hands and eat her wonderful dishes! I miss our feasts when we all get together, the laughter, the on-going fun, makes me sad to think what they are going through, but then I look up to my God, to our God and see His wonderful hand in all this. Praise be his name.

    Please continue on praying for my cousins, for the people of Aleppo, pray that God show himself, pray for mercy. I am also praying for these rebels, who are in the hands of evil, that somehow they meet our God, and His love would change them. This morning I prayed for them, very strange thing to do, but was compelled to do that. God is good, His mercies are new every morning.

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