A New Year, A Fresh Start

water 300So often we have waves of ambition to do something new and amazing…but when it comes down to doing it, we get stuck on our desire to see the whole plan before we begin. Or let’s face it, we want to feel perfectly ready and capable before we step into action.

But that’s not usually how God works in us, is it? We’ve found that most often, He asks us to take one step at a time in the direction of His Word, and then another that relies on that first step, and then another…allowing Christ to unfold his beautiful, mysterious story around us as we go. No one seems to warn us that this “stepping” can be filled with awkwardness, uncertainty, and just plain hard work! Why can’t transformation be easier?!

If you are new to Women of Vision, perhaps you can relate. You signed up to do something to show your love for the poor, but then the idea of asking others to join your group or support your Cause became an unattractive option. Please know that you are in good company of women across the country who know exactly how you feel!

This year, we are inviting women to start Circles – groups of all sizes having meaningful conversations that result in action for children and families living in severe poverty. We want to give you a rough plan of how you can get your Circle started, with room to figure out how to make this story your own. After all, this is the story of what God is doing IN YOU and THROUGH YOU. The main goal – gather others to be on a mission with you for children who desperately need hope.

1) Decide what fits you. You can structure your group as a:
Book club with a purpose: See our recommended list of books or choose your own. You can discuss a book and then put those practices into action through fundraising or simply your own personal giving.
Special occasion rally for a cause (an unforgettable birthday or a springtime tea?): Maybe all you need is a giving page, a couple of videos, and info on your Cause so that you can set up a fun event.
Fundraising and fellowship group (of course you shouldn’t call it this!): Focus on raising support for your cause and structure your gatherings to inspire and encourage each other. Think ‘A Walk for Water,’ a rummage sale to benefit refugees, or asking local businesses to support you. Your group can brainstorm and decide this together. See our action plan template for ideas on how to do this.
Other: mix and match to do what feels exciting and doable for you!

2) If you haven’t done so already, choose your Cause and set up your online giving page right away. This allows you to be more specific and passionate when you ask others to join you. You can also send people to this page to check it out for themselves.

3) Invite at least one person to join you in this effort. You may want to reach out to one or two people that you find key to this. Find a common free time to have your first gathering. If you don’t have anyone specific in mind to join you, we recommend inviting as many people as you can – you truly can’t know who is in desperate need of something just like this group. See our sample invitation for ideas on how to ask people.

4) Each month, we will send you an email that gives you ideas for discussion (maybe with a video to show or an activity that you can do together) and action for your Cause. Prepping for each gathering will be a cinch!

5) Remember to contact us if you feel stuck! We will talk through ideas, find resources for you, or even just pray with you.

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