New website for Strong Women, Strong World!


Last March at our Women of Vision National Conference, we announced the launch of Strong Women, Strong World – a response to the needs of women and girls living in poverty in developing nations. Over the next five years, this initiative aims to raise $15 million. Our women and girls initiative supports some of the best projects and practices in some of the worst places in the world to be a woman or girl.

Today we are excited to announce the new Strong Women, Strong World website at Learn about each of the projects we have selected, find video and other resources to help tell the story, and read about the impact of this amazing initiative. We will also share ways that you can speak out and use your voice!

Why this fund? We believe that a pooled fund will actually have greater impact and efficiency as we work together to build a better world for children. We will streamline our efforts, choose the best projects and be able to provide better reports about the impact. Our desire is that every Women of Vision chapter supports this initiative.

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