My favorite Christmas gift… pigs

Photo: ©2013 Le Thiem Xuan/World Vision

Photo: ©2013 Le Thiem Xuan/World Vision

Our “My Favorite Christmas Gift…” series continues as World Vision staff, partners and friends share stories around World Vision’s Gift Catalog.

Today we hear from Beth Yeager, Women of Vision’s National Chapter Advisor.

I bought a pig in El Salvador.

This year my favorite gift catalog item is a pig. Of course baby pigs are very cute but they represent so much more to a family in need.

I travelled to El Salvador recently and our Women of Vision team visited with a woman who had received many microloans from World Vision. When she received her last loan she was robbed on her way to purchasing items for her store and lost all of her funds. She still had to pay the money back and was creatively starting up other ventures to help her do that. Ultimately she had to sacrifice the family pig – selling it the day after our visit to pay off some of the loan and buy another pig.

I spoke with the World Vision staff after our visit and asked how much the woman would have to spend for a baby pig. They were a very small amount to me but a very large investment for this single woman and her family of 8 children. So, I asked the World Vision staff person to allow me to provide funds for her to buy a pig. Why? Because she suffered and I wanted to provide a mere token to me but a powerful reminder of God’s provision for her. I had only a brief encounter with the woman and her family because I was suffering that night from a migraine and had to lay down in our bus. It was during my own suffering that God had inspired the gift.

There are injustices suffered by the poor every minute – can you take the time to reach out and help someone in a small but powerful way?

Give the gift of a pig today to boost family incomes and provide plenty of protein for undernourished children.

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