My favorite Christmas gift… a sewing machine

Photo: ©2011 Sylvia Nabanoba/World Vision

Photo: ©2011 Sylvia Nabanoba/World Vision

Today we begin a new series “My Favorite Christmas Gift…” and we’re excited to have World Vision staff, partners and friends share stories around World Vision’s Gift Catalog.

We begin with a story from Jeanie Ralphs, Women of Vision’s Chapter Administrator.

This year, once again, I was excited to receive World Vision’s Christmas Gift Catalog. I love browsing the pages and seeing how our gifts are making a difference in the lives of so many.

When I saw the sewing machine gift, I stopped and my first thought was “this is me!” My mother was a seamstress and I saw first hand how having a skill can help provide for a family. With my mother’s teaching, I was able to start a small dressmaking business to help my family.

When my daughters were young, I made all of their clothes. I set up a cutting table and my factory sewing machine in our garage. I’d keep the garage door open and be sewing away as I watched the kids playing in our backyard.

Sewing provided income for me, and helped our two young girls. I was proud to be able to have a business. And that’s why I love the sewing machine gift. I know the joy in creating something, and knowing it will be purchased. It’s a two-fold blessing: the person who has made the garment will be blessed by the creativity and receiving funds. And the person who buys the garment gets the joy of wearing it.

A simple sewing machine can lift a woman out of poverty.

Give the gift of a sewing machine today!

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  1. Lucy Murunga says:

    Very encouraging blog. Giving is such a blessing.

  2. mdunker says:

    I love this story! It reminds me of the years when I sewed everything for my family. What a blessing and difference we can make with such a little gift!

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