Mom and me

It’s here!! We excited to kick off the Global Week of Action with photos from our team.

We invite you to join us for the Global Week of Action as we recognize together that healthy babies need healthy moms. Find your pics, share and tag #MomandMe.

Mary Gleason:
My mom took great delight in teaching me to look for and love God’s handiwork in all things. Here we are by Waterwheel Falls in Yosemite National Park.

Jeanie Ralphs:
My mother with her first granddaughter, my first child Lynn

Cindy Mesko:
This is a 4-generation picture taken at my daughter’s baptism, with my mother and grandmother present. Both my mother and grandmother have since passed on, but they continue to serve as my role models as mothers of great faith. I am reminded often of their unwavering faith when life gets messy and hard. This picture is precious to me and my daughter, who is now 27!

Beth Yeager:
My mother and my oldest daughter Katie – healthy children need healthy grandmothers!
Nana and Katie

Laura Li:
Me with my son, Alexander Grayson, born September 2013

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  1. janechinn says:

    Beautiful photos! Mary, your mom Kristi hasn’t changed a bit!

  2. janechinn says:

    It took me a hour, but I posted a 1978 photo of my mom, my daughter and me to Twitter (Beanie360) and on my Facebook page. Hope I get some support from my FB “friends.”

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