Millennial Voice for Peace

Photo: ©2014 World Vision

Photo: ©2014 World Vision

Millennial Voice for Peace (MVP) is a coalition of young Christians committed to designing, organizing, and implementing a national campaign for peace and justice in the Holy Land. Christians across the United States, especially Millennials, are becoming increasingly educated, aware, and engaged in the Israeli – Palestinian conflict. This coalition, as a group and as Christian individuals, are following in the footsteps of men and women around the world who seek justice and peace for all people of the Holy Land.

Rooted in their Christian faith, MVP has drafted a Statement of Principles that highlights their core identity. MVP is inspired by those who live in fear and oppression yet choose to love their enemies and pray for those who dispossess, terrorize, or oppress them (Matthew 5:44). They are dedicated to working towards constructive outcomes for those who experience the destructive power of conflict. Finally, this coalition insists that one’s beliefs, if they are true beliefs, should manifest themselves in action. Therefore, they seek to be ambassadors of peace and reconciliation and advocates for both the Palestinian and Israeli people (2 Cor. 5:18-20).

This January, MVP gathered for a Summit in Washington, D.C. It was an occasion for the group to meet in person and for that process of discernment and action. The group met young leaders from across the country, learned from experts in the field, shared a message of peace, and discerned how Christian Millennials can join together as an instrument for peace.

To learn more about Millennial Voice for Peace, contact Craig Swandby, World Vision’s Advocacy Associate- Israel/Palestine at

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