Merry Christmas!

I grew up attending nondenominational churches and so it wasn’t until I read Girl Meets God by Lauren F. Winner that I learned about our Christian (liturgical) calendar. What a find! Now our family worships in a church which follows the liturgical calendar, and I love it. Did you know that Advent is the start of our Christian New Year? This small revelation, which many of you are already well ahead of me in experiencing, is causing me to rethink the meaning of “New Year” and even how I prepare for Christmas.

What if we view December 1st as a beginning rather than almost the end? How might that change our approach to celebrating Christmas and focus us on the hope of what we are called to be and do? (Ephesians 1:18-19). However, we cannot know this hope and the power and richness of what God has in store for us if we are not responding to the One who calls us and gives us hope. And God so wants us to know Him and respond that He made Himself approachable by becoming a baby. On top of that He was born to a poor teenage mother in Palestine and those who were moved to come and help were foreigners from a distant land! Let that sink deeply into your soul. Christmas is the perfect New Year story.

What are you hoping for in this New Year? For Women of Vision, the year ahead is full of great hope and expectation. I look forward to many months of sharing stories of hope and how God is changing lives through you. But it all begins with Christmas and a precious and approachable baby.

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