How an 80 year old is building a well…

Photo courtesy of Marian Shannahan

Photo courtesy of Marian Shannahan

Marian Shannahan, partner in the WOV East Bay chapter, will be celebrating her 80th birthday this July. It is her birthday wish to gather funds towards providing clean water in areas that are in need.

Did you know that a deep well can provide up to 2800 gallons of water a day to benefit as many as 300 people? In addition, a deep well can cut a community’s child death rate by as much as half. In areas of Mali, women and girls have to walk for hours to carry back heavy containers of unsafe water for their families.

You can help Marian realize her birthday wish by providing a tax deductible contribution in any amount which will help move her towards her ultimate goal of a deep water well. Together, let’s provide the gift of clean water in honor of Marian’s 80th birthday!

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