Lent: Engulfed by the Same Water

Photo: World Vision

Photo: World Vision

by Cara Meredith, blogger at be, mama. be.

A smile swept across my face, its upward turn a constant part of my facial features that night. Our son at home with the sitter, my husband and I relished in three hours of sacred time together, just the two of us; and after an evening of Peruvian-style tapas and conversation, we found ourselves parked at a tucked away little cove off Highway 1.

Ours the lone car in the parking lot, the scene itself was eerily inviting. Dialogue waned as the beauty before us enlarged: mere feet in front of the hood loomed the crest of ocean waves. There was nothing calm about the power displayed, as violet-colored waves fought and crashed and pounded, one after another. My eyes darted back and forth, trying to catch the perfection of the curling, inviting foam fingering its way towards us.

I thought about God’s challenge to Job, his question that always seems to catch me by surprise: “Have you journeyed to the springs of the sea or walked in the recesses of the deep?” (38:16).

I stared at the expanse before me, eyes squinting to catch sky kiss sea – because really, my pupils see what? A mile? Maybe two? The windows are rolled down, just an inch or two to let in new air, and the result is a deafening, thunderous applause, clapping hands exploding again, again, again. The ocean air thick around us, and my lungs were instantaneously consumed with salt by the simple act of breathing in and out. Senses fully alive, every part of me was suddenly stilled.

I returned to the Creator’s question again: No, I haven’t gotten to the true bottom of things, I think to myself. And I, for one, sure haven’t explored the labyrinthine caves of deep ocean.

But you have.

Tears form in my eyes as I realized and remembered, perhaps for the very first time, maybe all over again, that He who created and explored and hammered out the water’s depths is the same one who sees, who cares for the least of these. He comforts the widow in her times of distress, and he kneels beside the orphan in poverty-stricken slums. He cries alongside the fatherless, and he holds the hand of those tormented by the circuitous route of violence. And, then, just as he refreshes and soothes and cleanses my soul on a seemingly random Sunday night, he provides water’s sweet balm to the thirsty.

For he refreshes my soul…

The God who can be called the Spring of Living Water, promises through the words of His Son, “Whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst…” (John 4:14), for His water is the kind that promises life eternal.

Once again, I am soothed – and just as soon, I am reminded that this same water exists for millions of women and girls, through the initiatives of World Vision and others empowering organizations around the world. In fact, could there be a young girl sitting at the water’s edge across the globe, perhaps in Ghana, this very moment? Might she be receiving life through clean water and sanitation, and as a result, have been the opportunity to dream and wish and truly believe that something different can happen with her life today?

Because somehow, through one waterway passage or another, she and I both take our turns staring at the same ocean before us. We are engulfed, entranced, encompassed by that same water, and by the same Spring of Living Water who heals and loves and fills all his children.

In that way, might we rest in His filling grace this Lenten season.

This story is part of Women of Vision’s 2014 Lent series “A Spring of Living Water.” Read more stories in this series.

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  2. Tim says:

    All engulfed by the same water – such a good reminder, Cara.

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