Kenyan Rescue Center provides shelter for FGM girls

From CoastWeek (Kenya):

“…World Vision Kenya has opened a girl’s secondary school in Marich Pass, in West Pokot, in response to the increasing cases of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), in this area. “The school project came up as a result of increasing numbers of girls in Pokot West district failing to transition from primary to secondary level. The girls were dropping out of school due to Female Genital Mutilation, and forced to early marriages. Majority of the girls in this school have run away from home to escape these practices,” said National Co-coordinator for Education at World Vision Kenya, Salome Ong’ele. The construction of the school was made possible through the 200,000 U.S. dollars donation from Margo Day, a World Vision donor from the U.S. “Day visited St Elizabeth Primary School early last year and she was heartbroken to learn that the girls could not go back home during the holidays and that most would not transit to secondary school due to lack of support,” said Justus Koech, a Donor Liaison Officer at World Vision Kenya…”

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