July Advocacy Update

Photo: ©2012 World Vision

Photo: ©2012 World Vision

The Girls Count Act

The Girls Count Act was introduced in the Senate! This is great news for this piece of legislation that will help prioritize birth registration. If there is no record of a child, that child is more vulnerable to exploitation. Traffickers pray on those who will not be missed.

What you can do?
– We have updated the World Vision action center so you can now contact your Senators in addition to your Representative.

The Water for the World Act

Congratulations, we continue to see progress on this bill because of your work. Currently, the bill has 91 cosponsors, four new cosponsors in the past month! We are hoping that the momentum continues and that the Water for the World Act will move out of the House Foreign Affairs committee before the August recess.

What can you do?
– Continue to call your Representative.
– Consider writing a letter to your local newspaper editor to help bring attention to this issue.

(See what happened when WOV Austin submitted an op-ed to their local paper.)

60,000 unaccompanied children will arrive at the U.S. border this year.
If you have been following the news, you most likely know the news of the thousands of refugee children unaccompanied at the U.S. border. Every child has their own story of violence, abuse, and fear that drove them to flee their home. The situation is heartbreaking.

What can you do?
Sign our petition urging U.S. and foreign governments to protect children from violence.
Pray for unaccompanied children at the U.S. border.

In-district meetings

As many of you know, in August, Congress is on recess, which mean they will be at home and you can meet with them in-district. If you would be interested in meeting regarding the Water for the World Act or the Girls Count Act, please email and someone will be in touch!

Thank you, Women of Vision, for all that you do to speak out for children around the world. Your advocacy is making a difference! Read past WOV Advocacy updates here. If you have questions you would like to see answered in a future advocacy update, please email them to by the 15th of each month.

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