Join today's Sierra Leone phone call with World Vision and MOPS!

Photo: World Vision

Photo: World Vision

Last October MOPS mom Ginna Steele submitted her name for a drawing to win a World Vision trip to Sierra Leone.

When she won, she was shocked. Ginna remembers her reaction: “Me!? Go to Sierra Leone? Isn’t it a war-torn, ravaged, impoverished country? Would I be safe? What would my husband say? How about my kids?”

Yet, she’d been searching for a “purpose” from the Lord for a long time. She had prayed hard in October for a sign or an inspiration, and suddenly the Sierra Leone trip materialized. It was the answer.

“MOPS is an organization that believes moms are world influencers… this trip gave me a chance to witness firsthand the benefit MOPS mothers can provide by helping mothers in Sierra Leone.”

Join Ginna and MOPS Mentor mom Jill Sherman today as they share about their trip to Sierra Leone. They will tell stories of meeting mothers and workers dedicated to improving the health and well-being of children and how you can join in the partnership.

Date/Time: April 8th at 4-5pm PT / 7-8pm ET
Call Details: toll-free 888-669-2803, Access # 3435468

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