How to pray for Syria and the Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan Photo: © Stringer Philippines/Reuters

Typhoon Haiyan
Photo: © Stringer Philippines/Reuters

Syria: As of December 2, more than 6.5 million people have been displaced within Syria, and about 2.2 million have fled as refugees to neighboring countries. Donate now.

Philippines: Typhoon Haiyan, considered one of the strongest tropical storms ever, made landfall in the Philippines on November 8 and caused catastrophic damage. Donate now.

We invite you to call on your churches, friends and prayer partners to pray for the survivors of these emergencies, asking them to intercede with the Lord for his special mercies for those who have survived and who are in great physical, emotional and spiritual need, as well as for our staff who are responding. Here are specific prayer points and guided prayers for these emergencies.

More than three million children have been affected by the war in Syria – with some two million of these displaced from their homes. The recent escalation of fighting has led to a rise in casualties; more than 7,000 of these are children. Children have been killed, targeted with maiming, sexual violence, torture, detention and recruitment by all parties to the conflict.

– Pray for protection over the children who are still in their homes in Syria, where they are scared, unsafe and
struggling for daily survival.
– Intercede for assistance for the children in refugee camps as they live in tough conditions, without access to water, sanitation, health services, education and protection.
– We give praise for and ask for safety over World Vision and other NGO staff on the front lines who are committing their time, skills and abilities to care for those in need.
– Intercede for wisdom and discernment for the leaders to install regulations that will lead towards peaceful conflict resolution quickly.
– Pray for strength and opportunity for the churches in Syria and the region to raise up the needs of the millions affected by this crisis as an effort for peaceful resolution.
– Pray for generosity and kindness from local organizations, corporate and private donors, and others who can help support the efforts in caring for the refugees.

Loving Father,
In compassion for those affected by Typhoon Haiyan we turn to you; asking that your light would shine through the darkness and that you would bring hope and help where there is fear and devastation. For those who are suffering we pray that they would find comfort in you and in the loving kindness of those there to help them; bringing aid and saving lives.

Father, help those who have lost loved ones find love and support in others. Heal those who are hurting. Help those who are suffering find peace. Give courage to those who have lost much as they start to rebuild their lives.

We pray especially for the thousands of children that are afraid and in need, for those who have lost family members, those that are going without food and clean water, and those who have seen and experienced things they should never have known. Loving Father, be near the children of the Philippines, protecting them from harm. For the thousands of staff and volunteers committed to responding to the huge need, give wisdom to know where to start; give courage to face the desolation; give energy and strength to work in challenging conditions; remove the barriers that stand in their way; and give them hearts that are by the things that break yours.

We don’t understand why this has happened but we trust you God. We know that you are in control; We know that you are loving, and we commit to standing with you and with those affected as we know you stand with us all.

In your Sovereign Name,

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