Honduras – Day 2

We continue to follow Angela Mason’s travels in Honduras with the women from the WOV Columbia-Willamette chapter. Here she shares about Day 2.

All the WOV Columbia-Willamette ladies have arrived safely today. They are excited to be here, and are great fun to be with! We all went out to dinner with 5 folks from the FUNED staff (WV Honduras’ Microenterprise program) tonight. What a delicious dinner! We started with limeaid and kale soup, and then had potatoes, corn on the cob, delicious steak and finished it off with flan for dessert. I can tell that we are going to eat well on this trip!

The WOV ladies are impressed with the FUNED team and the FUNED folks are impressed with the ladies. It was wonderful to be chatting with happy, talkative people who care about Honduras and its people! After dinner we had devotions (from Hebrews). The excitement about this trip is palpable – helped by the festive lights and trees around Tegucigalpa for the Christmas season! This is just the first evening of what promises to be a truly remarkable trip!

By the way, my luggage has safely arrived!

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