Heroes in the Field: Sokchan Keng

Sokchan Keng

Sokchan Keng

Sokchan Keng is a woman with a dream: “My dream is to see the youth in my country become a generation who can continue on in their studies and go on to defend and serve the people of Cambodia,” Keng says. “They are the ones who can bring growth, peace, and happiness to our nation.”

In Cambodia, an area that’s often hostile to children, Sokchan Keng has taken responsibility for the youth of her community, working with World Vision as a community group coordinator. Cambodia is a key transit and destination point in the global commercial sex trade. Each year, thousands of women and children are trafficked from Vietnam and China to work in brothels in Phnom Penh and other urban areas.

World Vision has organized workshops to teach community members about the rights of women and children and raise awareness of child trafficking and domestic violence. Strong Women, Strong World has adopted the Cambodia Child Protection project which aims to protect children through community programs targeting all forms of child abuse; domestic violence, sexual exploitation, forced labor and human trafficking.

Sokchan Keng has dedicated her life to caring for and protecting the youth in her community, simply because she believes in children, and works toward building a safer community for them daily to ensure their futures are full of possibilities.

Serving as a partner and friend both to children and their parents, Sokchan says,”People in my community used to stop children from going to school, and they used violence against children. Children weren’t given opportunities to raise their ideas, but I see this changing. Children are encouraged to go to school and join society activities. The children and youth are forming groups to protect their rights, and in the meantime, their parents are forming groups to protect children.”

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