For Mother’s Day, Three Ways to Remember All Mothers Matter

Photo: ©2012 World Vision, Suzy Sainovski

Photo: ©2012 World Vision, Suzy Sainovski

On Mother’s Day, we take time to be grateful for the sacrifices of our own mothers. This Mother’s Day let’s also take time to celebrate the sacrifice, strength, courage and wisdom of mothers around the world where survival is a daily struggle.

Millions of mothers around the world face difficult circumstances during pregnancy and childbirth — walking long distances while in labor, giving birth in ill-equipped clinics or at home, and being in unsafe conditions, and many do not survive. In countries classified as ‘least developed,’ 1 in 55 mothers will not survive pregnancy or childbirth, compared to 1 in 4000 mothers in developed countries.

Here are three ways to keep mothers around the world in mind this Mother’s Day:

1. This week World Vision has celebrated the Global Week of Action by asking you to send a message to President Obama, asking him to remember the value of mothers at the upcoming G7 summit in June. If you haven’t sent your email yet, do it today! We already have the letter written – just customize it and include your name. Your voice counts.
Email the White House

2. Honor a special mom in your life by giving to World Vision. Your gift toward Maternal and Child Health will provide healthcare to mothers and children — and help save the most vulnerable lives. By providing efficient and cost-effective interventions — like treated mosquito nets, feeding programs, nutrition training, basic childbirth and newborn education, and care to mothers and pregnant women — we can reduce infant deaths and decrease the number of mothers falling ill or dying as a result of pregnancy and childbirth.
Give Maternal and Child Health

3. Are you shopping for a Mother’s Day gift at Macy’s, Barnes & Noble or Did you know that you can know purchase from these – and many other online stores – and give to World Vision at the same time… at no additional cost to youShop Thru The Heart has developed a way to do this! Simply select “Women of Vision” as your charity of choice, and a donation will be made to World Vision with every online purchase you make.
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