Equality eludes Algerian women after 50 years

From AFP via Yahoo:

Algerian women played a major role in the war of independence from France, but their sacrifice has yet to earn them equal status with men half a century later.

At independence in 1962 after seven and a half years of war, “we realised that even though we had fought as full citizens, we had to return home and be quiet, which was hard to accept,” said Zoulikha Bekaddour, an academic and former moudjahida (fighter).

Women’s role diminished more and more as time went by, she said. “At the first constituent assembly there were 13 women; at the second there were only two. It was over. The regression had begun.”

A family code passed in 1984, after voters overwhelmingly rejected similar language in during the 1960s and ’70s, still stands, designating women as minors…

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