El Salvador: A future full of rights

Glenda in school. Photo: © 2012 Katia Maldonado/World Vision

Glenda in school.
Photo: © 2012 Katia Maldonado/World Vision

This month our country of focus is El Salvador, where World Vision’s Strong Women, Strong World initiative is working toward successful partnerships with communities to mend gender-related dynamics. The following story was contributed by Katia Dalila Maldonado, World Vision.

Glenda Peres is a 14-year old girl who dreams of becoming a lawyer. Today she is representing her peers in the Children and Adolescents Municipal Councils. She was elected by her peers through an election processes conducted by World Vision El Salvador in cooperation with the Electoral High Court.

“It is a privilege for me to be part of the 12 young people that belong to San Agustin Municipal Council. This is a very needy municipality not only economically but also because people [need] to be able to know their rights, their duties… to be able to talk to the local authorities to make changes in the entire nation. That is my challenge, to support others so they know we are capable and we have rights and duties,” says Glenda. She is firmly convinced that she can make a change in her community through spreading her knowledge about the rights of children and adolescents.

Glenda´s parents want a formal education for her, an opportunity which they didn’t have. Currently, she is in eighth grade: “My favorite subjects are Language and Social Science and my dream is to become a lawyer. I like that World Vision has instilled in me the desire to excel, to know that I am able to be a professional and to help my community. I like it because we, the young people, are showing that we can contribute to society.”

The creation of children’s municipal councils aims to contribute to participation processes through the formation of new social stakeholders that advocate for the full rights of children, adolescents, and youth and the implementation of public policies in favor of children. World Vision aims to contribute to the education of young leaders promoting a culture of solidarity and responsibility before social problems of their communities.

“Not to be aware of the rights we have as boys and girls is also part of the violation of our rights. I want a future full of rights for children. I dream that my community, San Agustin Municipality and the entire El Salvador are places where there is no violence, where there is respect to each other, that we also respect the environment and [where] we all live happy,” ends Glenda.

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