Creative Christmas Gifts: U.S. Programs

Photo: ©2014 World Vision/Lindsey Minerva

Photo: ©2014 World Vision/Lindsey Minerva

We’re Sharing Big Dreams This Christmas!

U.S. Programs: 22 percent of American children live in poverty. World Vision focuses our work in some of our nation’s most distressed and under-served communities, where poverty is high and opportunities are limited. We also respond to disasters that occur right here in the United States. In 2013:

– 2.1 million children and adults served in the United States through domestic programs.
– 254,151 teachers and students benefited from school supplies provided by our Teacher Resource Center, supporting low-income neighborhoods.
– 73,992 children and adults assisted with disaster relief and recovery response.

Women of Vision has selected to support World Vision’s Appalachia Family Initiative this year, a project which provides help for Appalachia’s children in poverty who desperately need a warm, dry home, and a safe place to go after school to receive the tutoring they need to avoid educational failure. Here we have gathered some of our favorite options from World Vision’s Gift Catalog that address U.S. Programs needs. If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas, consider one of these options:

Feed a Family in the USA
Here in the United States, one in five children lives in poverty. Help restore hope to American families who have been struck by disaster, homelessness, or job loss. Send Family Food Kits that include nutritious meals like oatmeal, lentil soup, pasta, and a bean and rice casserole.

Resources for US Teachers
When families struggle to pay rent and keep food on the table, school supplies become unaffordable luxuries. Caring teachers struggle to fill the gap. Surveys show that more than 90 percent of teachers dip into their own pockets to help provide children with supplies that neither parents nor schools can afford. Your gift today multiplies 8 times in impact to help support our Teacher Resource Centers. These centers provide essential items like notebooks, binders, glue, scissors, and other supplies for teachers to stock their classrooms — and help combat the effects of poverty on their students.

The World Vision Gift Catalog offers hundreds of ways to reflect the spirit of the Christmas season. With items across various prices and categories that help lift children, families, and even entire communities out of poverty, you can bring meaningful assistance to those in need — and let loved ones know that you did so in their honor by emailing or printing out a card to present on Christmas Day. Browse the catalog for yourself and find an item by which you can show loved ones how much you appreciate them.

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