Creative Christmas Gifts: Last Minute Ideas

Photo: ©2009 Heidi Isaza/World Vision

Photo: ©2009 Heidi Isaza/World Vision

We’re Sharing Big Dreams This Christmas!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Creative Christmas Gifts series this year and have completed your Christmas shopping with help from the World Vision Gift Catalog. However, if you’re still wondering what to get for a friend, teacher, or family member, here are few last minute ideas. Remember that you can print a card when you buy online!

The gift of a goat is a sustainable means by which to empower a family in need. Goats provide a steady source of nourishment through milk, cheese, and yogurt. A healthy dairy goat can provide up to 16 cups of milk per day — and produce valuable manure to fertilize crops and gardens. Goats also provide a means of economic stability for a family. Their offspring — and any surplus of their dairy products — can be sold at the market, providing a family with extra money to care for their children through education, medical care, and more.

When you give the gift of ducks to a family in need, you provide them with a source of hundreds of large, protein-rich eggs that they can use for nourishment throughout the year. Ducks, like goats, also provide valuable fertilizer for crops. And like goats, ducks produce offspring that can be sold for extra income. Finally, ducks offer valuable down feathers, perfect for their thermal insulation and padding. These can be used in bedding materials and warm clothing — or, again, as a source of income at the market.

Fruit Trees
Apple trees, orange trees, mango trees, and other healthy fruit trees provide the vitamins and nutrients growing kids need. Donate 10 fruit trees to bless a family in poverty with a fresh start in fruit tree farming. A fruit tree orchard can produce enough fruit for vital income in just two to three years. Tree seedlings from the fully-grown fruit trees can then be used to help another family lift themselves out of poverty. Besides continually multiplying, your green gift is also good for the environment. Planting fruit trees prevents deforestation — a major cause of soil erosion that leads to poor farmland and devastating floods.

The World Vision Gift Catalog offers hundreds of ways to reflect the spirit of the Christmas season. With items across various prices and categories that help lift children, families, and even entire communities out of poverty, you can bring meaningful assistance to those in need — and let loved ones know that you did so in their honor by emailing or printing out a card to present on Christmas Day. Browse the catalog for yourself and find an item by which you can show loved ones how much you appreciate them.

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