Countdown to International Women's Day

As we prepare to honor International Women’s Day on March 8, Women of Vision is excited to offer five suggestions to celebrate. These are easy ways to make a big difference for daughters, sisters and mothers across our world and right in our own neighborhoods.

1. Band together with like-minded women: Online movie screening “A Walk to Beautiful” (February 25, 5pm PT, 8pm ET)

Tomorrow Women of Vision will be hosting a free online screening of “A Walk to Beautiful.” This amazing film tells the stories of five Ethiopian women who suffer from devastating childbirth injuries and embark on a journey to regain their health and reclaim their lost dignity. During this social screening you will be joined by World Vision staff who will be able to answer your questions and facilitate conversation around the film. Come and share your thoughts LIVE with people from around the country.

2. See how using your voice can promote justice: read Refuse to Do Nothing!

If you haven’t read the latest book by Shayne Moore and Kimberly McOwen Yim, take some time this month to read how these stories of mobilizing friends and strangers alike to fight slavery at home and throughout the world.

3. Learn how educating a girl can make a difference: Girl Rising DVD is now available for purchase

A child born to a literate mother is 50% more likely to survive past the age of 5. Buy the Girl Rising film at – when you purchase, be sure to use the promo code “GRWorldVision” and 15% of the proceeds goes to World Vision!

4. Give a gift that can change a woman’s life – hers, and our own: Contribute to World Vision’s Strong Women, Strong World initiative

Research shows that when you invest in a woman, she invests back into her family and community and the effect is seen across generations.

5. Celebrate the women in your life

Empowering women starts right in our families, workplaces, and neighborhoods. Celebrate this International Women’s Day by writing a note of thanks to a teacher who encouraged you years ago, by picking up coffee for that new mom in your office who’s struggling to balance it all, or by telling your own sister, daughter, or mother how much you appreciate them.

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