Cookstoves alliance chief talks sustainability

On November 9th, we hosted special guest Greg Spencer of The Paradigm Project for our Women of Vision National Conference Call “Cooking Stoves Save Lives”. We learned how a simple cookstove is cleaner-burning, more efficient, and prevents respiratory damage and deforestation.

Radha Muthiah

Radha Muthiah, executive director of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, talks in this interview about trying to stop the “silent killer” of toxic cooking smoke that affects the health, well-being and environment of billions of people — and kills about 2 million people annually, more than malaria or tuberculosis. “We are not attempting to parachute in stoves and leave but rather fostering a means for bringing jobs, better health outcomes, and an increased standard of living through the creation of new clean cookstove companies, projects, and opportunities,” Muthiah says.

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