Chicago Women of Vision participate in World Vision's 6K for Water

by Christine Chestnut, Women of Vision Chicago

November 1st dawned cold and blustery in the Chicago area. So blustery, in fact, the lake had whitecaps. That morning Team World Vision hosted their first ever 6K for Water at Montrose Harbor in Chicago. The Oswego study group from the Chicago chapter of Women of Vision, along with some friends and family, joined the crowd of over a thousand runners and walkers to help raise money for clean water in Africa. The registration fee was $50 dollars which is the cost of giving one person clean water for life. Each participant was assigned a child to run/walk for and their picture was on their running bibs. Those children will see clean water in their communities within six months to a year from now. Awesome! That means over a thousand children across Africa will have access to clean water in the next year.

Why a 6K? 6K is the average distance an African has to walk to get water. In the photos you will see Kim holding a full jerry can up in the air. Jerry cans are a common method of water transport and can carry up to 5 gallons of water. When full a jerry can weighs 40 pounds. Now let’s picture this…a young girl or woman walking 6 kilometers to fill her jerry can with dirty, contaminated water that may make her family sick. Carrying nearly 40 pounds back to her home and knowing that it will have to be done all over again that next day.

This was a great event. Despite the biting wind, a good time was had by all (except maybe the wee ones in the strollers) and all WoV participants agree to do it again with some walkers becoming runners and some runners running faster. We encourage Team World Vision to make this an annual event and if possible arrange for some better weather next year!

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  1. Anna Wong says:

    How wonderful! I liked the idea that each participant had a picture of a child on them and the reason why it was 6K! Way to go!

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