Bolivia Report: Strength Through Smiles and Tears

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photo courtesy of Nancy Johns

Nancy Johns, from Columbia-Willamette Women of Vision, was recently profiled in 4word, a ministry that works to support and encourage professional women. In her interview, Nancy addresses her history with Women of Vision and World Vision, and the efforts being made to provide women around the world with the opportunity to pursue their professional dreams and make a better life for themselves and their families.

“Right now, our chapter of Women of Vision is supporting projects with prayer, advocacy and funding in Bangladesh (child protection), Mozambique (water, sanitation and hygiene), and Bolivia (gender equality and economic development). We operate on solid business principles using our collective skills to plan, execute, and expand our reach to members of our community on behalf of the projects we support. God has blessed us with amazing women, all uniquely gifted to move things forward. I have found it totally congruent with my compassionate, engineer self.”

“As a professional woman, I have enjoyed my WOV roles that allow me use my organizational gifts and my heart for the poor. I work with a great group of women who come from a variety of backgrounds and multiple churches, all followers of Jesus with one very focused purpose. I love using my experience as a woman in industry to help women who are starting businesses to improve the lives of their families. Women around the world want much of the same things we do, especially when it comes to their families: safety, health, food, education, and a more secure future. These desires transcend ethnic groups, religions, traditions.”

Read her entire interview here!

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