Balayons le Cameroun!

Photo courtesy of Kah Walla

Photo courtesy of Kah Walla

Where is Kah Walla today?

Our friend Kah Walla, President of the Cameroon People’s Party, continues to forge ahead in Cameroon politics during the municipal and legislative elections in that country this fall.

Their campaign theme is “Balayons le Cameroun” (“Let’s sweep out Cameroon and put order in our house!”). Says Kah Walla: “We intend to sweep out corrupt officials and poor governance. Most importantly, we intend to make the voices of all those who are sick and tired of the state of our country and who want to sweep it out, heard.”
Many of us enjoyed meeting Kah Walla at the 2012 Women of Vision National Conference and were moved by her passion and compassion for her country. Please pray for Kah Walla and the country of Cameroon as they work each day to bring democracy to their country. Pray for more and more people to become engaged and find the strength to fight for their rights.

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