Amazing Mother: Diana

Photo: ©2013 Kenneth Kibet/World Vision

Photo: ©2013 Kenneth Kibet/World Vision

Until recently, Diana Tanui, a mother of 10, spent the first six hours of her day searching for water. She lives in a dry remote village in Kenya’s Rift Valley region. Searching for clean water was the community’s most challenging task. But World Vision brought a pipeline extension from a deep well to her village, bringing plenty of clean, safe water and changing the life of this Amazing Mother.

Diana used to wake up every morning at four o’clock and walk a few miles to a well, the only source of fresh water in her community. Often, she would find a multitude of fellow villagers gathered at the well for a similar duty, and as a result, she would spend up to four hours waiting for her turn to draw water.

“I could not sleep at night,” says Diana. “I could not sit down to share a meal with my children. I could not visit a friend. All we could do was to look for water.”

Even after the journey, she would get just a bucket of water – hardly enough for her family’s cooking needs. During the dry season, water diminished in the well, sometimes going dry, forcing her to wander even more.

Diana and her family live in a dry remote village in Kenya’s Rift Valley region where fresh water sources are rare. There are no streams within sight, while water from hand-dug wells is highly salty. Searching for clean drinking water is the community’s most challenging task, which consumes the most time and energy.

During the wet season, Diana depended on rain water collecting at an earth dam near her home. While this relieved her of the long walk, the relief often came with yet another price — waterborne diseases. Her children always got ill, mainly with typhoid and other waterborne diseases.

“I used to dream about water all the time,” she says. “I once dreamed of a stream flowing outside my homestead. I woke up from the dream and dashed outside to confirm if indeed a miracle had happened. I kept asking God to help us get water so that we do not suffer anymore.”

Diana and her children drawing clean drinking water from a temporary location along the pipeline near their home. Photo: ©2013 Kenneth Kibet/World Vision

Diana and her children drawing clean drinking water from a temporary location along the pipeline near their home.
Photo: ©2013 Kenneth Kibet/World Vision

Then Diana’s dream became a reality when a pipeline extension from a recent World Vision deep well reached her village. The well is slowly replacing years of desolation in Diana’s village with joy and hope for a better future.

It currently takes Diana less than 30 minutes to walk to a communal water point set along a pipeline extension near her home, where she draws clean drinking water. “The most difficult burden in my life has been lifted out of my shoulders. I can now afford a rest. I believe this is the beginning of change in my life,” Diana says. “I thank God for making my dream a reality in my lifetime.”

The well is one of the 16 new water sources developed in the last two years in the area through the financial support from World Vision. Among the new water sources developed include sinking and equipping of eight deep wells, protection of five springs and excavation of three earth dams. The pipeline distribution network covers a total of 50 miles, with seven masonry storage tanks and 21 communal water kiosks.

“I am encouraged to see these water projects improve the health and economy of the people in our community,” says Mark Mogotio, a government administrator in the area. “We expect people to engage in more productive work to improve their income in our community. Our children will also perform better in their studies at school because they will have more time to learn.”

The reality of having clean water nearby has re-kindled hope among many people in the area to pursue their life dreams. Establishing a kitchen garden and venturing into dairy farming are among Diana’s plans to improve her livelihood in the near future.

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