Advocacy Update: Movement on The Girls Count Act

Photo: ©2015 World Vision/Annila Harris

Photo: ©2015 World Vision/Annila Harris

Congratulations on 25 years of Women of Vision! We were honored to be in Orange County earlier this month to celebrate not only this momentous occasion, but to honor Women of Vision- some of our strongest voices for the poor. The Advocacy team would like to thank Women of Vision for everything you do! It has been an exciting couple of weeks. This is a busy time in Congress and it is so easy for issues that affect the poor to be forgotten. Thank you for making sure they remain forefront.

The Girls Count Act (H.R. 2100, S.802)

Last week, within a matter of days, the Girls Count Act passed through the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, and passed the Senate in a late Friday night session!

The next step for advocates is to help the bill gain cosponsors in the House, which traditionally helps to increase the likelihood for a vote. Currently, only 42 of 435 members of the House have shown support of this bill by cosponsoring.

Please call your representative and ask them to cosponsor. It will only take two minutes. We provide the call script, phone number, and even a thank you message if your member has already cosponsored. Be sure to log your call when you are done, so we know to follow up with the office. Thank you!

Call now (and it is okay to leave a voicemail!).

A New Bill for Moms and Babies

Every 40 seconds a child dies in a developing country from a disease that is treated in the U.S. with a simple trip to the drugstore- diarrhea. Every day moms and babies die, but they do not need to- we have the solutions.

World Vision has been working with coalition partners in D.C. and members of Congress to introduce new legislation that will expand proven interventions for maternal and child health, focus on the poorest and most vulnerable populations-recognizing the unique needs within different countries and communities, and set goals around maternal and child health that will need to be reported on annually. This bill aims not only to save lives, but to increase partner countries’ progress toward self-sustainability for maternal and child survival.

We expect this legislation to be introduced mid-June. Read more about the bill here.

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