Who We Are

Women who gather. Women who act.

Women of Vision are women called to gather together and act on behalf of those caught in the margins of poverty and oppression. We are servants, givers, advocates. We are a movement of God joining women at the heart to build a better world for vulnerable women and children. We find strength in our sisters, faith from our calling and compassion through the grace of Jesus. We refuse to sit idly while injustice prospers. Rather, we champion a movement on behalf of the most vulnerable women and children across the globe. We envision a better world and set out to make it a reality, always learning, always giving, always acting. We are Women of Vision.

Called to serve those in the margins for over two decades

Over 25 years ago, a small circle of women dared to follow Jesus to the margins to serve those with the greatest needs. They returned convicted and inspired, determined to help bring hope and transformation to the poor and the oppressed. They told their stories. They rallied support. They implored other women to engage in the great causes of the day. Quite simply, they came back with a vision.

A flourishing vision today

Today, Women of Vision is a national program comprised of women whose hearts are captured and whose spirits are stirred. We engage right where we are to make a difference globally. We are women of all ages, from all walks of life — diverse, strong, compassionate — a flourishing movement dedicated to building a better world for the victims of injustice.

With faith and compassion, and a heart to educate and engage women in the critical issues of extreme poverty and injustice, we believe God is mobilizing the hearts of women everywhere to bring hope to those in the margins around the world.

We are women who gather, women who act. We are Women of Vision.

We invite you to unite with Women of Vision and gather other women around humanity’s most pressing issues. Check to see if there is a local Chapter near you.