A Resolution Gift

I don’t know about you, but New Year’s resolutions stress me out. I think I’ve just had really bad luck with ones I’ve made in the past – or just no self-control or motivation. (Or perhaps I am just too distracted by all these global passions!) But, that is the thing about New Year’s resolutions – they are usually noble efforts for good things, but all in our own energy, thus usually prone to fail. If we didn’t have something in us on December 31st for that resolution, why is January 1st any different?

As my eyes look at the calendar, wondering if I should try once again, my eyes rest themselves on a holiday a few days later. January 6th is Epiphany, the day that many orthodox churches (such as in many countries World Vision serves) celebrate when the three kings brought gifts to Jesus to honor and worship Him. Well, I love that. I love the idea of giving a gift to Jesus to honor and worship Him. Why can’t that be our resolution? A resolution gift?

What could we give? We know what the wise men brought – that’s old news and I don’t have a lot of frankincense and myrrh just lying around! However, Scripture tells of many ways we can worship God. He loves our offerings of praise, our heart for others, our possessions, our time and our actions, for a start. Though we may be tempted to give something we are already “good” at, polishing it up for the offering, let us offer up something that may in fact need refining in our lives, something that is uncomfortable, but we know would make us a better advocate or friend or wife or mother. What area would Jesus most love for us to offer to Him, acknowledging why we had just celebrated Him merely a week ago?

Like a little child who preciously gives a puzzle to a parent as a gift and then mysteriously is found working on it again, we too may be tempted to take back our gift from God. But, let us leave it with Him because unlike New Year’s resolutions, God works with us – to put the pieces of our lives, heart, relationships, and even our passions for the poor to fit just right.

by Anna Goodworth, WOV Hartford, CT

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  1. girl4water says:

    Happy New Year!

    Soooo, how many of you make New Year Resolutions? How many of you keep them? Only 8% of them are kept…..mostly because there is no plan or accountability . 2013 is going to be A Year of Gratitude and I have a plan. I have an attractive gift box of 52 cards and a small journal sitting on my desk. Each week I plan to write a note of gratitude to a family member, friend or acquaintance. The journal will be filled with thanksgiving and my journey of a year of gratitude. I invite you to hold me accountable and to join me on this journey.

    I started a few days ago, because I couldn’t wait for the new year. I am already learning that it is impossible to feel sad and grateful at the same time.

    If you are interested in a gift box for 32.25, please contact me. $30 will be donated to safe water projects in Niger thru Women of Vision.

    Shirley Adams

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