A Dollar and a Cupcake

Photo courtesy of Christina Bradic

Christina and Mary.
Photo courtesy of Christina Bradic

April 30th is a pretty amazing day at the Women of Vision office. Well, every day is pretty good (we do have the opportunity to work with amazing women and to help transform communities around the world!) but on April 30th, we get to have cake as well. It’s my birthday and I share it with Mary, my friend and colleague!

Since Mary and I office in different locations, we celebrated our birthdays earlier this month when we had the opportunity to see each other. We met on a little street in Berkeley, CA to talk, have lunch and enjoy a cupcake. One of the things we talked about was The Birthday ProjectThe Birthday Project began when Robyn Bomar did 38 random acts of kindness for her 38th birthday. Her kindness was contagious and the word spread. The Birthday Project was soon born, inspiring people to use their birthdays to help others. We talked about what random acts of kindness we could do. However, as we always know, but often forget, God already had a plan for us.

As we went to cross the street, there was a woman sitting on the corner who appeared to be without a home. We gave her a dollar and an cupcake and expected to continue on our way. We had no idea what we would receive in return.

Barbara, pre-HIV. Photo courtesy of Christina Bradic

Barbara, pre-HIV.
Photo courtesy of Christina Bradic

The women’s name was Barbara. Barbara was kind and grateful with a beautiful smile and she also had a story to share- she was HIV positive. Barbara felt it was important to share her story because there was a time when she was young and thought that she was invincible. She modeled, was a star athlete, felt that she was better than others and that nothing could bring her down, until HIV brought her down. She shared a photo of when she was young to help us understand what she meant. The photo was tucked in a notebook where she was writing her story; a local non-profit that works with women who have HIV is planning to use it as an education tool to help women struggling with HIV or AIDS.

“This disease makes me miserable, it is painful and awful and I have begged the Lord to take me, but he won’t. My friends say, ‘he won’t take you because he’s not finished with you!’ so I am sharing my story so that I can help others.”

It is difficult to speak to kind people who are doing good things and not have it brighten your day; it may have been even better than the cupcake.

The greatest gift you can give to us is to give to something we love. You can give to Strong Women, Strong World and use your birthday to do the same!

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